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Noah Taborda/Kansas Reflector

Jessica Huseman: Here’s how Kansas Republicans could actually make elections more secure (Column)

“The state has long prided itself on its status as the home to the voter roll police, but it has among the worst list maintenance procedures in the country given its failure to use any technology that allows it to check its rolls against the rolls of other states — a far cry from the state’s public image,” Jessica Huseman writes.

Mackenzie Clark / The Lawrence Times

Valdez, Sternberg: Why the Douglas County DA and a defense attorney took an extraordinary step in Sarah Gonzales-McLinn’s murder case (Column)

“Because this case is closed, we ethically can address misconceptions that have arisen from a misguided narrative based on supposition and speculation,” Douglas County DA Suzanne Valdez and defense attorney Jonathan Sternberg write in this column.


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