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At The Lawrence Times, we are working hard to accomplish several goals:
  • Enabling access to news and information for all who need it, regardless of ability to pay;
  • Creating an environment where journalists can learn and thrive, personally and professionally;
  • Providing the latest news as well as helpful resources and information for readers;
  • Amplifying unheard voices in the community; and
  • Cultivating a publication for the people of Lawrence that reflects the values of our neighbors — and that keeps local control over local news.
That said, we rely on this community for support.

As much as we love what we do, this is not a hobby, and we’re risking a lot to make the Times happen. We believe the work we’re doing is worth your support of 26 cents a day, and we hope you think so, too.

If you are able, please consider the following options.

If you aren’t, don’t worry — you will not lose access to the Times as long as we can stay afloat with the support we receive from others, but we would ask that you please help us spread the word.

* True statistic: If just 1 in 10 people who see this page this month subscribe, it would cover rent for a Lawrence Times reporter. *

Please help sustain the Times

(and consider supporting your neighbors’ access, too)

Our subscription model was created with two hopes and beliefs in mind:

  1. This community values journalism.
  2. Community members who can will be willing to offer some extra support so that we can sustain access for everyone.

We hope that our voluntary subscription model will allow community members to support the Times financially to the extent that they are able. We’re offering a “Support” subscription for $7.85 a month, or a “Solidarity” subscription for $14 a month. We believe that will provide enough monetary support that we can accomplish our goals — including ensuring access for everyone.

We have also added an option to name your own price above and beyond our requested monthly rates.

Not ready to make a commitment?

We understand! We’re still getting off the ground, but we hope that the more paid reporters we can bring on board, the more long-term value we will add.

We hope instead you’ll consider making a one-time donation via our GoFundMe. We still have occasional surprise expenses popping up, and the funds supporters provide here really help soften that blow.

You can also sign up for our email newsletters to show us you’re interested.

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A little bit more info:

• Where is this money going?

Short answer: It’s staying right here in Lawrence, putting food on our families’ tables.

The money we’re bringing in right now is supporting one full-time reporter, one part-time reporter and per-assignment payments to freelancers and other folks in the Lawrence community, plus website costs, email newsletters and other odds and ends. Our founding reporter is taking as little as possible to keep a roof over her head and food in her cats’ bowls.

Otherwise, we have very little overhead, and we are pouring every dime we can into improving and expanding the Times. We’re also keeping as much of our own business local as possible; for instance, our website is hosted by Wildman Web Solutions, and our T-shirts are made by Ryte T’s, both small businesses in Lawrence. We have no out-of-town corporate owners or anything of the sort.

Please know that as much as we love what we do, this isn’t just a hobby. We’re risking quite a bit to make the Times happen. We hope to be around for a long time, but that will ultimately rely on your support.

• How will subscribers know if this plan is working?

We intend to remain transparent and let you know about that. We’ll share the data we’re tracking as we start to aggregate it. That could take a little while, but please check in with us anytime and we’ll be happy to answer specific questions.

Our hope is that as long as we are receiving enough support from those who are able to subscribe, we can sustain free access for those who need it in the Lawrence community. We also want to keep things simple for all our readers — for instance, we don’t want to demand that folks log in every time they want to read an article.

• You’re asking for voluntary contributions. Why not go nonprofit?

To be clear, we never expect to be incredibly profitable in this venture, even as a “for-profit” LLC. We simply don’t want to limit our revenue options or spend all of our time focusing on raising money and compiling annual reports.

• Is there any nonmonetary way to contribute?

Absolutely! And we are extremely grateful to the many people in the community who have contributed photos and stories to the Times. Please check our “Our Times” page for more information and other ideas (and we’re open to just about anything)! We’ve also now launched our “Community resources” section and we’d love to get all the help we can with that.

Most importantly, please tell friends, coworkers and family members about their new local option for news and information in the Lawrence community.

• Other questions?

Please check our FAQ page. If you don’t find an answer there, please reach out!

Please help us spread the word!

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