Choose a voluntary paid subscription plan

Our subscription model was created with two hopes and beliefs in mind:

  1. This community values journalism.
  2. Community members who can will be willing to offer some extra support so that we can sustain access for everyone. 1

We cannot continue this work without the community’s support. That said, we’re offering four paid subscription options at this time.

Support subscription: A voluntary, low-price monthly subscription to help support and grow The Lawrence Times. Help us keep the lights on and the cats fed.

Solidarity subscription: Help your neighbors: Pay a little extra to help grow our newsroom, plus ensure that we can keep the Times free for those who need access. 

Save local news: Name your price above and beyond our support and solidarity subscription levels (minimum $14.50 per month). Help us keep this dream alive!

Pay what you can: New in April 2022. We deeply appreciate the many readers who have told us they want to support us but are unable to pay $7.85 per month. Some readers have also requested a $10 option. This option allows you to set your own price for monthly support of The Lawrence Times from $3 up to $14 per month. Every dollar is helping us keep this dream alive, and we are so grateful.

Level Price  
Support subscription $7.85 per Month. Select
Solidarity subscription $14.00 per Month. Select
Save local news $14.50 per Month. Select
Pay what you can $3.00 per Month. Select

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  1. This is also backed by a survey we conducted: 60% of respondents said they supported this idea and might donate a subscription.