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Dot Nary: Holding events that welcome all (Column)

”Failing to accommodate disabled people in public discourse, in meetings, and on boards can result in loss of their contributions; programs that are exclusionary; plans that fail to address community needs; and events that do not comply with civil rights laws,” Dot Nary writes in this column.

Dot Nary: What is disability pride? (Column)

“To me, disability pride means creating a culture of accessibility, accommodations, and acceptance so that the experience of disability is simply another facet of humanity versus relegation to second class status,” Dot Nary writes in this column.

Rija Nazir: Contrary to popular belief, Gen Z activists in Kansas have stepped up to cultivate social change (Column)

“Like many Gen Z voters, my urge to become civically engaged began before the 2016 election, despite not being of age to vote. This was the beginning of the dismissal by older generations that we were too young to understand the complexities of American politics,” Rija Nazir writes in this Kansas Reflector column.

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