The Lawrence Times has added job and opportunity listings to the services our publication is offering the community. Listings aren’t free to post (like our obituaries are), but they are available for significantly lower rates than many job sites. They are, of course, free to access, just like the rest of our site.

Because a large part of our mission is to be a force for good in this community and promote a better quality of life for our Lawrence neighbors, we will distinguish between jobs that pay at least the living wage for Douglas County and jobs that do not. We recognize that for many people, employment at any pay level is better than none; however, we want to make very clear to potential applicants which listings for positions pay above the living wage for Douglas County. Job listings that are part-time or have starting salaries that may be less than a living wage for Douglas County are noted with an asterisk (*).

Last update: April 19, 2024


Job opportunities

Classified listings

You can place a classified ad through this form. We’ll contact you if we need more info or clarification.