The Lawrence Times has added job and opportunity listings to the services our publication is offering the community. Listings aren’t free to post (like our obituaries are), but they are available for substantially lower rates than many job sites. They are, of course, free to access, just like the rest of our site.

Because a large part of our mission is to be a force for good in this community and promote a better quality of life for our Lawrence neighbors, we will distinguish between jobs that pay at least the living wage for Douglas County and jobs that do not. We recognize that for many people, employment at any pay level is better than none; however, we want to make wages very clear to potential applicants, and we will prioritize listings for positions that pay above the living wage for Douglas County.

Last update: Dec. 2, 2021


Jobs paying a living wage or better:

Federal Public Defender

Position: Legal Assistant or Paralegal
Salary: $48,378 to $93,081

Responsible for all aspects of case preparation and file management, drafting pleadings and correspondence, managing and organizing discovery, calendaring, collecting and organizing records, and various other duties necessary. Please visit our website,

Advanced computer skills, including experience with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat. Excellent written and oral communication skills are necessary. Must be highly motivated and detail oriented, a U.S. citizen or eligible to work in the United States. Spanish-language proficiency is highly desirable but not mandatory.

University of Kansas

Position: Plumber Senior
Salary: Starting at $50,000

This position involves highly skilled plumbing work in both construction and maintenance activities. The Plumber Senior may act as lead worker to less skilled maintenance employees. Considerable judgment is required of the incumbent in completion of work. Click here for more information.

The Lawrence Times

Position: Part-time reporters/interns; strong possibility of full-time employment for those who are good fits
Wages: Undergraduate interns start at $16/hour and up; pay will be negotiable based on experience and other factors

The Lawrence Times — a young but rapidly growing startup online publication covering Lawrence and Douglas County, Kansas — is looking for journalists to join our team, help us tell this community’s stories, and revolutionize local news.

Click here to learn more.

Amplify your voice — write columns for The Lawrence Times

The Lawrence Times

Position: Freelance Columnist
Salary: Per piece, but no less than $15/hour

The Lawrence Times is looking to add more voices to our Community Voices (opinion) section.

Applicants should live and/or work in the Lawrence/Douglas County area. Our highest priorities are that columns:

  1. Pertain to Lawrence/Douglas County-area issues and concerns, and/or
  2. Highlight your unique perspective and experience of life in Lawrence/Douglas County.

Above all else, we aim to amplify the voices of people from marginalized populations.

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Classified listings

You can place a classified ad through the same form as our job listings. We’ll contact you if we need more info or clarification.


Jobs paying less than a living wage for Douglas County: