The Lawrence Times has added job and opportunity listings to the services our publication is offering the community. Listings aren’t free to post (like our obituaries are), but they are available for significantly lower rates than many job sites. They are, of course, free to access, just like the rest of our site.

Because a large part of our mission is to be a force for good in this community and promote a better quality of life for our Lawrence neighbors, we will distinguish between jobs that pay at least the living wage for Douglas County and jobs that do not. We recognize that for many people, employment at any pay level is better than none; however, we want to make very clear to potential applicants which listings for positions pay above the living wage for Douglas County. Job listings that are part-time or have starting salaries that may be less than a living wage for Douglas County are noted with an asterisk (*).

Last update: Dec. 7, 2023


Job opportunities

Federal Public Defender – District of Kansas

Position: Assistant Federal Public Defender
Salary: $80,000 – $160,000

Assistant Federal Public Defenders must meet individual client needs while managing full caseloads. AFPDs develop release plans; review discovery; research, write, and litigate motions; develop litigation strategy; work with experts; negotiate resolutions; serve as lead counsel in jury trials; navigate complex federal sentencing statutes and guidelines; and advocate fair sentences and alternative outcomes.

Attorneys in our office may not engage in private practice. Click here for more information and to apply.


Position: Administrative Assistant
Salary: *$15 per hour

KANREN is looking for an Administrative Assistant to assist with tasks, such as fielding calls, greeting visitors, and data entry. This role involves direct interaction with KANREN members and guests. Strong communication and computer skills are essential.

KanREN powers Kansas’ knowledge economy with advanced technology and network infrastructure services, accelerating research and innovation. Click here for more information.

Federal Public Defender – District of Kansas

Position: Administrator
Salary: $57,000 – $109,000

We are searching for a skilled Administrator. One with experience in general administration and management to include: budget, personnel, space and facilities, procurement, property management, and day-to-day office operations.

You must have a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field, be a US citizen or have work authorization, be committed to our mission and work well in a team environment and must have a valid driver’s license. Click here for more information and to apply.

Rudy’s Pizzeria

Position: Shift manager
Salary: *$13/hour plus tips (usually $5 to $10 per hour)

Rudy’s is looking for a full time, pizza technician/shift manager. Pay starts at $13/hr plus tips, which are typically an extra $5-10/hr. Duties include working back of house and doing books at the end of the night. We have a simple kitchen with no fryer or grill. The shifts are shorter with no late nights. The crew is solid, the money is good, and the work atmosphere is hospitable. Work for and with good people and enjoy your job.

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