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Letters to the Times are welcome and encouraged. Letters from folks who live in the Lawrence-Douglas County area will be given preference for publication, but we know there are people all over the world who care about this community, and we’re glad to hear from them, too.

The Times staff might make edits for grammar and spelling, but we will not make changes that alter the content or meaning of the letter. The Times may decline letters that staff deem unfit to publish.


We want to encourage healthy civil discourse. Although we value the opinions of community members, we want to ensure that this platform is shared among a variety of diverse voices and perspectives; therefore, we may limit the number of letters we publish each month from very prolific writers. We would recommend that letters to the Times be no longer than 500 words, but that’s not a hard rule.

If your letter contains a good deal of research, please include your sources (preferably in the form of links to online sources). We appreciate well-researched work, but we have a limited staff available to do our due diligence in fact-checking; having sources readily available will expedite publishing.

If that all sounds good …

To submit your letter, please email letters (at) lawrencekstimes (dot) com, and include:
• Your full name
• Your pronouns
• Your city of residence
• A title or affiliation, if you’d like.

Please also include your phone number in case we need to follow up with you, but we will not publish your phone number or your email address.

Interested in writing columns for the Times?

Fantastic! The rules above apply to regular columns and guest columns, except that columns tend to be a bit lengthier (we recommend ~600–700 words). We’ll also want to run your photo, as you can see from the other columns in our Community Voices section. If you’re interested in becoming a paid columnist for the Times, please see this listing.

We aren’t too picky about topics, but we do ask that pieces have a direct tie to Lawrence and/or Douglas County, or that they offer a unique perspective or personal experience of life in Lawrence.

Send them our way: letters (at) lawrencekstimes (dot) com

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