Jayhawks downtown share thoughts ahead of KU’s national championship matchup

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We asked KU fans out shopping for gear in downtown Lawrence Sunday about their plans for the big game, what they think of the vibe in Lawrence when the Jayhawks win, and what game day superstitions they have.

Here’s what they had to say. 

What are your plans to watch the national championship game on Monday?

Molly Weishaar, senior at Free State High School and lifelong KU fan:

“I’m getting together with some friends, and we’re going to watch the game and then come down to Mass if we win.”

Ryan Owens, general manager at Jock’s Nitch and longtime KU fan:

“We’re planning to have a watch party here at the store with a lot of staff and friends because we’re going to have shirts ready immediately after the game.”


What are your thoughts on the vibe in Lawrence when the Jayhawks do well?

Darian Lewis, senior at Baker University who grew up as a KU fan in Lawrence:

“I love it. I mean, it’s just a good time. Everyone is hype about the game and excited that we were moving on. It’s just a good time here, especially those days when we win.”

Catherine Kipp, senior in high school and future KU student: 

“I feel like I’ve never really seen anything like this. There are so many people just on Mass Street, and I was telling my parents it’s like we’re at an amusement park or something.”

Rod Stottlemire, Oskaloosa High School teacher and KU fan: 

“Everybody’s just a little happier. It kind of brings everyone together.”

Katie Cooper, law student in Kansas City who is dating a KU student:

“It was crazy. I took a video on my phone yesterday, it’s really awesome. It was fun. There are so many people.”

Roseanne Smith, physical therapist who has lived in Lawrence since 1975:

“I think it’s really fun. I’ve seen them do this enough times I didn’t come down last night, but in previous years I have. I thought it was really smart they closed off the street so there is a lot more room for people.”


Do you have any game day superstitions?

Keith Jones, principal at Platte County High School and former Billy Mills Middle School principal:

“This hat. I’m not giving this hat back because I’ve worn it since the Big 12 tournament and we’ve won ever since; therefore, the hat is usually on.”

Dave Neuman, Salina resident and lifelong KU fan:

“We don’t change clothing. Everything that we wore last night is in the washer today to be worn again on Monday.”

The Jayhawks will face the North Carolina Tar Heels for the NCAA championship. Tipoff is at 8:20 p.m. Monday, April 4.

Cuyler Dunn (he/him), a contributor at The Lawrence Times, is a senior at Lawrence High School and editor-in-chief of The Budget, the school’s student newspaper. He was named the Kansas Student Journalist of the Year and will attend the KU School of Journalism in the fall with the John P. & Mary Kaiser scholarship.

See more of his work for the Times here.

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