Public comment from the Sept. 21, 2022 Douglas County Commission meeting

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Here’s an audio recording of general public comment from the Douglas County Commission’s Sept. 21, 2022 meeting, taken via the Zoom virtual meeting.


The Douglas County Commission recently stopped recording general public comment during its meetings after one of its videos was flagged for COVID-19 misinformation and removed from the website. Those portions of the meetings are no longer included in the video meeting recordings that the county uploads to YouTube.

We’ll provide audio recordings of general public comment whenever we are able, merely as a means of keeping and providing a public record of what is said. That may include inaccurate information and/or language that may be offensive to some people. Otherwise, the rest of the commission’s meetings are uploaded to the county’s YouTube channel.

Note: The commission asks speakers to share their names; not all speakers do so. Also, this recording is unaltered from what could be heard over the live Zoom meeting. However, anyone speaking away from a microphone, and any background noise in the commission room, is generally not picked up on the Zoom audio and therefore would not be audible on this recording, though it likely would be audible in person.

Find more public comment at this link. Find out how to contact Douglas County commissioners and other local government leaders at this link.

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