with Will Averill & Chris Nelson

Two friends in LFK with decades of being silly on stage (Victor Continental, Loaded for Bear, Under the Table, Massholes, etc.) under their belts, talking about whatever for 22-ish minutes a pop so you can hopefully laugh a little, maybe momentarily slough off the overwhelming crush of existence, and then get on with your day!

Sometimes we have guests, there’s a live show at least every 25 episodes, and our tried and true practice of utilizing DecaDeuces (episodes made up of 10 2-1/2 minute bits we salt away as we go) means we’ve never missed a week in more than 300 episodes. Come on, come have some fun, just 22 minutes, you can’t lose! Well, can’t is a strong way to put it. If you happen to lose, we apologize and it won’t be for long! Who else has that kind of guarantee! Are we coming off as desperate? DAMN IT

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