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Ken Lassman

Kaw Valley Almanac for Jan. 16-22, 2023

Even though the ground is damp on the surface in may areas, this swale at the Wakarusa wetlands shows shrunken pools with brown dirt shores, as drought conditions persist. This week’s rains, if you get some, will provide a chance to see fresh animal tracks along the receded muddy shoreline.

Ken Lassman

Kaw Valley Almanac for Jan. 9-15, 2023

Sycamores are white barked and easy to spot lining creeks, where this water-loving tree likes to grow. Another way to enjoy them is to see their smooth round seed balls that stay on the trees all winter long. They persist into the spring, when they can be pulled off and thrown at a wall, exploding into seeds.

Ken Lassman

Kaw Valley Almanac for Dec. 19-25, 2022

With super cold, snowy, windy conditions predicted this week, be sure to help overwintering songbirds survive by putting out plenty of bird seed. Don’t be surprised if you live in the country if wild turkeys, opossums and even a deer or two show up to grab a little snack to stay warm, too.