Lawrence Freedgin Kansas: No one deserves to go hungry

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Note: The Lawrence Times is offering some space for area organizations and organizers to express their views, provide updates and attempt to reach other folks who might share their mission. This post is contributed content (i.e., not produced by the Times staff) and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Times staff. See more in our Community Voices section, or see how to submit your own piece.

Take what you need, give what you can. Lawrence Freedgin Kansas is a mutual aid free fridge project with the aim of building community solidarity and fighting food insecurity throughout the Lawrence community.

Inspired by the ICT Community Fridge Project in Wichita, we believe that in these difficult times with the pandemic, a tough economy, extreme weather, and lack of government aid, we can only look to each other for support. No one deserves to go hungry, ever. 

Ximena Ibarra Quintana Lawrence Freedgin Kansas

Lawrence Freedgin Kansas is centered on a belief in solidarity, not charity. We pay homage to the radical action of Black Panthers, who set the stage for mutual aid projects like ours, and recognize that food insecurity and poverty is a direct result of white supremacy and capitalism. This is why we are building networks of solidarity with a long-term commitment to the community. We reject mindsets of policing and shaming.

Our first 24/7 fridge location will open this Sunday, March 14th, at Latchkey Deli on 1035 Massachusetts St. We are extremely excited for our grand opening, and need the community to support us! We need direct food donations as well as non-food essential items. A list of recommended items and donation guidelines will be posted on our social media. If you cannot bring donations directly, please help us raise funds by donating to our Venmo (@LFKEats) or our Cashapp ($LFKEats). 

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has already donated! We have raised more than $2,000, and have already redistributed around $600. These donations have gone to food distribution to unhoused folks, filling up the Sunrise Project fridge and other community actions.

We will also use these funds to set up and fill up our first fridge at Latchkey, and we are also planning to expand to a location on KU campus and in East Lawrence. We also thank you all for following and sharing our posts on social media (@LFKEats on Twitter, @LawrenceFreedginKansas on Instagram, and Lawrence Freedgin Kansas on Facebook). 

If you would like information on how to help out with the fridge, or if you need resources, please contact us via our social media. 

Love and solidarity to you all!

Sayan Grover (he/they), organizer, Lawrence Freedgin Kansas

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