The Lawrence Juice is back – and partnering with the Times

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The Lawrence Juice has returned! The Times is excited to welcome them back — and even more excited to work with them.

Alison Smith and David Sloan launched the Juice as a biweekly print publication in fall of 2019 to help folks find out what’s going on around town. The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly halted the Juice’s run in March 2020, and it’s been on hiatus — until now.

Smith and Sloan sift through many different sources to curate hundreds of community events, published in one big To Do List. The Lawrence Juice runs as a print magazine — copies are available at numerous locations around town — and we’ll publish the To Do List on our website.

One of the Times staff’s favorite parts of this work is getting to collaborate with awesome community partners like the Juice, and we’re thrilled to bring these much needed event listings to our readers. The Juice is also looking to expand the events it lists. You can submit your events to the Juice via this form. Reach the form quickly anytime by typing in .

The latest edition of the To Do List will be published on our site at You can also follow The Lawrence Juice on Instagram and Facebook.

Without further ado:

The To Do List! presented by The Lawrence Juice
Click the title to go see the To Do List!

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