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Position: Advertising maven
Wages: Commission ($15/hour and up)

The Lawrence Times is a tiny local startup independent online news publication covering Lawrence and Douglas County, Kansas. We’re having difficulty keeping up with inquiries from folks who want to advertise with us, and we need some help! 

We’ve got a great start on the groundwork — lots of cold calling, starting a database, ironing out the fine print and details, etc. Now we need somebody, or maybe a couple of somebodys, to help us make new ad sales, keep our current clients happy, and keep expanding our reach to new partners. 

This is a freelance position, and it’s ideal for folks who can self-motivate and want to work on their own schedules. Some work during regular Monday-Friday business hours will likely be necessary, depending on advertisers’ availability to talk/meet with you, but some work may fall into evenings and weekends as well. You’ll have a lot of autonomy in this role once you’re out of training. Essentially, as long as the work is getting done, and done well, we’ll be happy.

Your pay will be largely based on commission, but we also don’t want folks averaging out to less than $15 per hour. Skilled advertising mavens will likely make much more than that. 

We do not lie about our numbers, juke the stats or pull any kind of bait-and-switch with our advertisers. We are running the ad side of the Times with the same integrity that we apply to our journalism. We also view advertising work through a lens of equity, meaning we want to find options that will work for folks on any budget. We’re all about building up this community. If that doesn’t appeal to you, please refrain from applying. 

You can read more about advertising options — i.e., what you’ll be selling — at this link.

If you’re interested in joining our fabulous team, please send an email to and include: 
• Your basic contact info and pronouns
• A résumé, if you have one
• A little info on your experience in sales and/or general customer service
• A little info about what you expect your availability to be in an average week
• And why you want to work with the Times. 

<< We’ll start serious review of applicants on Friday, July 30. >>

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