A moment in Lawrence: Audio-Reader recognizes volunteers’ outstanding service

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Lawrence nonprofit Audio-Reader is celebrating 50 years of service to the blind, visually impaired, and print disabled.

Several volunteers were recently recognized for outstanding years of service, including 2020 and 2021 recipients (photos below):

40 years of service: Darcy Schild and Harold Asner

35 years of service: Gayle Matchett and Karen O’Keefe

30 years of service: Randy Austin, Lois Hanzlik, Carol Jones, Albert Kaine, Kerry Magee, Max Mayse, Kimberly Morrow, Sue Nishikawa, Elaine Roberts, and Kris Shields.

25 years of service: Pat Ashley-Hiscock, Gavid Bruce, Les Carlson, Rex Buchanan, Frank Marque, Peg Sampson, Austin Turney, Eleanor Wenger, and Marian Wilbur.


Dozens of other volunteers were also recognized for service years from five to 25.

Learn more about Audio-Reader from the group’s website at reader.ku.edu. Listen live at this link, or listen to the digital archives at this link. Information about volunteering is available at this link.

Dan Skinner/Contributed Photo Darcy Schild — 40 years
Dan Skinner/Contributed Photo Gayle Matchett, left, 35 years; Alison Beloine Dean, coordinator of volunteers, is at right
Dan Skinner/Contributed Photo Elaine Roberts, Randy Austin, Kimberly Morrow, Carol Jones — 30 years
Dan Skinner/Contributed Photo Rex Buchanan, Les Carlson, and Austin Turney — 25 Years
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