Letter to the Times: Lawrence schools should keep Latin

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Note: The Lawrence Times runs opinion columns and letters to the Times written by community members with varying perspectives on local issues. These pieces do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Times staff.

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The passionate arguments made in the press and at school board meetings for retaining Latin at LHS and FSHS were legitimate and persuasive. They should convince anyone who cares about the quality of public education in Lawrence.

Shifting the gifted Latin teacher to English not only diminishes the school’s programs but also undermines any budgetary excuse for its elimination.

The sustained outcry against this short-sighted decision comes from present and former Lawrence students, their teachers, parents, and other persons who know from personal experience how important Latin is to one’s overall education. 

Of what use is an enlightened public, or even a free, vigilant press, if our elected officials and school administrators do not sustain the best in their curriculum, nor are they responsive to democratically expressed urging by their community’s most attuned members? 

Gerald E. Mikkelson (he/him), Lawrence

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