The Raven Book Store’s bestsellers for May 31, 2022 (Sponsored post)

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Note from the Times: This bestseller list comes to us straight from The Raven Book Store in Lawrence. See other editions of the list here.

Would you look at that: We have an 80% local bestseller list this week! If there’s one thing Raven customers truly love, it’s books either about Kansas or by Kansas authors (or both at the same time!).

Of note is how many of these authors have upcoming events at the Raven: On June 1 we have Candice Millard (No. 1) in conversation with Jennifer Raff (No. 4) (tickets are still available!), and on June 16, Charles Forrest Jones will present his new mystery (No. 2).

Finally, as always, it’s good to see Dashiell back on the list with the second anniversary edition of his landmark novel The Sound and the Purry.


1. Candice Millard, River of the Gods

2. Charles Forrest Jones, The Illusion of Simple

3. Dashiell, The Sound and the Purry

4. Jennifer Raff, Origin: A Genetic History of the Americas

5. Thomas Goodrich, Bloody Dawn: The Story of the Lawrence Massacre

6. Sarah Smarsh, It Happened in Kansas: Remarkable Events That Shaped History

7. Emily Henry, Book Lovers

8. Meg Heriford, Ladybird, Collected

9. Traci Brimhall, Come the Slumberless To the Land of Nod

10. Emma Straub, This Time Tomorrow

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