Is your tap water funky? City of Lawrence is working on it

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Some Lawrence folks have found their tap water to smell and taste rather unappetizing lately. The city says its Municipal Services and Operations department is working to address it.


“The Clinton Water Treatment Plant is currently treating water with elevated levels of geosmin, a byproduct of naturally occurring algae,” according to a news release from the city. “The geosmin poses no health risk to residents or their pets but may cause a noticeably earthy smell and taste in the water.”

The city says some people can detect geosmin at very low levels; others may not notice it at all.

“The City has increased treatment to eliminate as much of the smell and taste differences as possible,” according to the release.

“Many natural conditions can cause taste and odor differences; however, these issues are relatively common throughout the year, and the water is tested routinely and treated accordingly.”

People with questions can contact the MSO department at 785-832-7800 or

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