Meet the Lawrence Arts Center’s new artists-in-residence

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People had the opportunity to meet the Lawrence Art Center’s newest artists-in-residence, printmaker Taro Takizawa and ceramicist Twiggy Boden, Thursday afternoon.

Attendees could talk with the artists about their work, life, education and inspirations.

With another session of classes right around the corner, members of the Arts Center’s Adult Education team were eager to talk with patrons about upcoming classes and to offer demos in the clay and print studios.

The fall session begins on Sept. 6, and classes are already filling up. For more information on available courses and dates, head to the Lawrence Art Center’s education page.

Twiggy Boden

Twiggy Boden is a 25-year-old ceramicist from the 400-person town of Montrose, Missouri.

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times
Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times

Boden received a bachelor’s in fine arts at Northwest Missouri State University before studying at Penn State.

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times

They enjoy working in a variety of mediums, but ceramic sculpture is their favorite.

They understand what it’s like to feel out-of-place and uncomfortable in their own skin, and they use sculpture as a way of challenging social norms and expressing themselves.

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times

Boden began designing their own clothes in grad school.

“It’s really difficult to find feminine clothes that fit a male body, so I started making my own.”

Boden has a master’s in fine arts and wants to use their talent and education to help other queer people express themselves through art. 

Boden, who was raised in a very conservative environment, creates art that questions the social constructs of gender.

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times

The Arts Center offers classes for all ages in everything from ballet to photography. The ceramics classes are among the most popular. 

Boden will begin teaching Coil Building for Fancy Pots and Introduction to Ceramics courses at the Lawrence Arts Center starting Sept. 6.

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times

Aprons are graciously provided by the Arts Center. Working with clay gets messy.

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times Works from previous classes sit on display at the Arts Center.
Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times Pots from adult and youth students alike are kept on display upstairs.

Taro Takizawa

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times

Taro Takizawa is a 38-year-old from “Japan-Michigan-Chicago-Syracuse. It has become somewhat complicated for me to answer when I get this question.”

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times
Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times

Takizawa found printmaking during his undergraduate studies at Central Michigan University when a professor suggested that he take a class.

He was originally going to study graphic design, but fell in love with printing. He now has more than 14 years of experience.

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times Paper arts classes such as printmaking, painting, origami and drawing are offered in the basement of the Lawrence Arts Center.
Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times Rollers like these are used primarily in painting and printmaking.

Takizawa, like Twiggy, will begin teaching classes during the upcoming session. He’ll host a 12-week-long etching class, a 12-week-long screen printing class, and a one-day-long workshop called “Cats on Cards” in October.

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times

Takizawa used a large roller and stencils to create this piece.

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times Takizawa, Matthew Garcia and Kyla Strid gather in the basement to discuss the nuances of printmaking.
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