Letter to the Times: Get informed and vote on Nov. 8

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Does your local, state, and national government represent you? In the Nov. 8 election, you can tell officials “good job” and vote to reelect them or elect someone else you feel would do a better job of making our representative democracy serve the people.

Most Kansans want to protect reproductive freedom. If you do, vote for candidates and retain judges that do, too.

Most Kansans want Medicaid expansion to boost health care for all. If you do, vote for candidates that do, too.

Most Kansans think all citizens have the right to vote and that our local and state election officials run free and fair elections. If you do, vote for candidates who do, too, and for state and national legislators who will fight voter suppression. And, don’t forget to tell the election workers “thanks” when you vote!

Most Kansans support a balance of power in the three branches of state government, and they want local control of county government, without state government overreach. If you do, don’t change the Kansas Constitution when you consider the constitutional amendments on the ballot. 

Most Kansans think excellent public education is key to the future of our state. If you do, vote for candidates who will respect and fund our public schools and universities. 

The League of Women Voters of Lawrence Douglas-County encourages you to be an informed voter by looking at your sample ballot on Vote411 to be prepared to vote … because democracy is not a spectator sport. 

— Carol Williamson (she/her), co-president, League of Women Voters of Lawrence-Douglas County

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