Introducing dark mode: An optional new look for The Lawrence Times

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The Lawrence Times news team is pleased to roll out dark mode — an optional new look for our website that’s intended to enhance accessibility.

Dark mode displays our website with a dark background and light text. It’s essentially the reverse of the white background with black text that our readers are accustomed to.


Dark mode can make websites easier on the eyes, especially at night. Bright screens can also contribute to difficulty sleeping. For some readers, a dark background with light text is easier to read in general. Dark mode has also been known to help conserve battery life and reduce energy consumption.

This is not new technology, but it is a new option for our site. It doesn’t change anything about the website except the appearance of its colors — it’s still the same Lawrence Times.

We wanted to make sure our readers know how it works, and how they can switch back and forth between light and dark versions anytime. So, if you love dark mode, great! If not, no problem. It’s basically like flipping a light switch on and off.

How do I turn dark mode on/off?

You can turn dark mode on or off directly on our website. You do not need to alter any settings on your device.

If you’re reading on a cellphone or tablet —

There is a little moon or sun icon in the bottom left of the screen, depending on which mode you’re in. They’re circled in the images below.

Just tap the moon or sun icon to switch back and forth:

If you’re reading on a computer —

There’s a switch in the top right of the main menu, circled in the images below. This menu is visible at the top of every page of our website.

Just click on the switch to turn dark mode on or off:

Regardless of the mode your device is in, you can still view The Lawrence Times in whichever mode you prefer at any time by toggling the switch.


We want our website to be as accessible as possible for all of our readers.

If you have questions or feedback, or if you notice any bugs on our website, please get in touch!

Thank you for reading The Lawrence Times.

If our local journalism matters to you, please help us keep doing this work.
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