Letter to the Times: Strategic plan to address homelessness is a big first step

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Justice Matters has been highlighting the importance of ending chronic homelessness, through a comprehensive plan, for years. We researched other communities who have ended chronic homelessness through their “Built for Zero” programs and encouraged the City of Lawrence and Douglas County to bring the “Built for Zero” program to our community.

On Jan. 17, during a joint City and County Commission work session, the “A Place for Everyone” strategic plan was presented by several dedicated city and county employees. The written goal of the plan is: “By 2028, we will create a system that achieves functional zero through policy, system and environmental changes resulting in all Douglas County residents having access to the fundamental human right of safe, accessible, attainable and affordable housing, and in which homelessness is a rare and brief occurrence.”

As community members who have been working on this issue for years we must now say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Thank you to all the people who have worked tirelessly to draft this plan. Thank you to our city and county commissioners for their continual effort.

As a community, we are just in the beginning stages with the proposed plan. Now the next stage of work begins. Justice Matters encourages the city and county commissions to approve, implement, and fund the comprehensive plan as soon as possible. The plan will save lives in our community and will work to make Lawrence a place for everyone.

Caitlin McDiarmid & Judy Pope, Justice Matters, Lawrence

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