At The Lawrence Times, we believe that community journalism is not just about providing traditional news coverage — it’s also about providing information that the people of this community need in order to live and thrive as informed citizens.

We are working to create collections of resources that we hope will be helpful to our readers in Lawrence and Douglas County, and perhaps even beyond.


The posts below are part of that effort, and this page aims to curate our most helpful articles in one place. It’s our “News you can use.”

Please be aware that some of these posts may have “shelf lives,” meaning they may pertain to limited-time sources of help. Even so, the posts that appear here should also contain information and links to resources that can be helpful anytime.

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Dot Nary: Holding events that welcome all (Column)

”Failing to accommodate disabled people in public discourse, in meetings, and on boards can result in loss of their contributions; programs that are exclusionary; plans that fail to address community needs; and events that do not comply with civil rights laws,” Dot Nary writes in this column.

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