Douglas County Spring Farm Day: See where our foods and fibers come from

Douglas County Spring Farm Day allowed people to get up close and personal Saturday with the farmers who grow food for the farmers markets, supply meats to local restaurants, process all-natural yarn from animal fur and more.
This episode of Lawrence Times TV gives a glimpse into some of the farms from the event and how local farms are working together to succeed.

Dogwatch: Meet Otto, Phoebe and Guy

From Mutt Run Dog Park to Massachusetts Street, Lawrence Times TV is setting out to meet the cutest dogs across town. In this episode, you’ll meet Otto, Phoebe, and Guy. Find out about their quirks, favorite pastimes, and tricks for avoiding dog attacks.

Prairie Park Nature Center celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with Snakes and Scones

As the city celebrated St. Patrick’s Day this year, Prairie Park Nature Center leaned into one of the holiday’s quirkier themes with its “Snakes and Scones” event. Playing on the folktale that St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland in the fifth century, Dara Wilson, a snake handler and naturalist at the nature center, celebrated with an interactive session featuring snakes big and small.