Meet The Lawrence Times community advisory board

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We are so excited to announce The Lawrence Times community advisory board.

The Lawrence Times would be nothing without this community. The people of this town made this publication possible in the first place, and their input is critical to our mission.

That’s why before we even started publishing, we started working to bring together a community advisory board. We sought out members who we believe will bring a wide variety of perspectives, experiences, talents and passions to the table.

The board members don’t determine our content, tell us what we can or can’t write about, or dictate what kind of business practices we need to follow. But they do provide their input on all of those things and more. They’re here to guide us, hold us accountable, and ensure that we uphold our mission of equity without sacrificing sustainability, so that we can keep covering this town for years to come.

You might also see some of their names pop up in our Community Voices section, or even covering occasional news stories, taking photos and helping out in whatever ways are best suited to them. We are so incredibly grateful for their commitment to The Lawrence Times, and we are thrilled to introduce them.

The Lawrence Times advisory board members are:

  • Arsalan Arif
  • Danny Caine
  • Trinity Carpenter
  • Cody Charles
  • Mariel Ferreiro
  • Carter Gaskins
  • Tom Harper
  • Rhonda LeValdo
  • Kimberly Lopez
  • Tresa McAlhaney
  • Mark Potts
  • Margaret Weisbrod Morris

Once again, we are so grateful to these board members for what they have done already for the Times and what they will do in the future. Many of these people are spread very thin already, and the fact that they’ve made room in their lives for one more commitment — to an accessible, alternative local news source for Lawrence and Douglas County — is extremely significant and meaningful to the Times staff.

We hope the community will join us in thanking them for their service to this mission.

Click here to read more about the Times board members and their stake in making Lawrence news awesome.

Mackenzie Clark (she/her), reporter/founder of The Lawrence Times, can be reached at mclark (at) lawrencekstimes (dot) com. Read more of her work for the Times here. Check out her staff bio here.

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