Andromeda’s kittens: At 8 weeks, some start to leave the nest

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Note from the Times: Olivia Schwyhart, of Lawrence, has been documenting the growth of seven little gray kittens born at the beginning of April 2021. She’s been sharing photos on the Instagram account andromeda.beans, and the Times asked her if she would be willing to write about them in a series for our publication. 

Follow along with Andromeda’s kittens as they grow on their Instagram account, and learn a little bit more from their human mom here and in other posts on The Lawrence Times’ website.

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8 weeks old: Difficult goodbyes begin

This week was bittersweet. We enjoyed our last week with the whole crew together.

We took them to other rooms of the house to explore and get used to having more space to roam. Watching them on the tile floors for the first time was so funny. They love playing with each other but are also venturing out individually. Climbing legs is one of their favorite things to do.

They eat mostly dry kibble now, and I have only seen one or two nursing this last week. “Green” seems to have outgrown the growling while she eats.


It’s always a challenge to enter their bedroom when they storm the door in a herd. I can grab about six of them at once before I start dropping them, so one always gets loose.

Today (Saturday) was the hardest day. “Pink” and “Black” went to their new home together. They are the first to leave the nest.

Over the next week, the rest will go to their new homes. It will be sad to see them go, but we have great homes picked out for them.

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