Letter to the Times: Show support for closing coal-powered plants

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Evergy needs to close its coal powered plants by 2030, in order to comply with Kansas City’s Action Plan of 100% decarbonization by 2035, and to avoid the catastrophic impacts of global climate change.

Evergy recently filed its 20-year Integrated Resource Plan, which intends to keep some of its coal plants running past 2040. This IRP needs to be updated to include the securitization savings and additional federal incentives that should be passed along to reduce customers’ rates and transition to renewables. Securitization allows Evergy to refinance remaining debt on coal plants that are scheduled to retire, at a much lower rate. Evergy has now reversed its original position and is now supportive of securitization. 

We need to let Evergy know that it is not acceptable to use these cost savings to transition to gas rather than renewables.

The KCC should not allow Evergy to ignore securitization and federal incentives in their IRP, as these are tools to reduce customers’ bills and close coal plants. Please show your support for closing the coal-powered plants and urge Evergy to use securitization funds to transition to renewable energy by sending your comments to KCC and supporting Docket No. 21-EKME- 088-GIE.

July 7 is the deadline for comments to KCC. Reference Docket No. 21-EKME-088-GIE.

Email KCC: public.affairs@kcc.ks.gov 

Or write to:

KCC Office of Public Affairs
1500 SW Arrowhead Road
Topeka, KS 66614

— Kathleen Harned
Sustainability Action Network Board Member

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