The Raven Book Store’s bestsellers for 2021 (Sponsored post)

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Note from the Times: This bestseller list comes to us straight from The Raven Book Store in Lawrence. See other editions of the list here.

We are pleased to present the Raven’s bestsellers of 2021! I must say, it’s an incredible list (and not just because of the amazing support for my little Amazon book, thank you so much!).

This year’s list tilts overwhelmingly toward nonfiction (eight books), but you were interested enough in poetry to earn Amanda Gorman a spot in the year’s top 10 just two weeks after her release date. But the even more overwhelming conclusion from this list is that you, the Raven’s readers, are deeply interested in our region and how it connects to the broader world.

We appreciate your consistent support of local authors, we’re proud to sell you these and all the other books, and we’re thankful you lifted us through this turbulent year. Have a safe and restful holiday season. 

— Danny Caine


1. Danny Caine, How To Resist Amazon and Why

2. Meg Heriford, Ladybird, Collected

3. Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

4. Sarah Smarsh, She Come by it Natural

5. Sharice Davids, Sharice’s Big Voice

6. Nikole Hannah-Jones, The 1619 Project

7. Clint Smith, How the Word is Passed

8. Frank Herbert, Dune

9. Sara Dykman, Bicycling with Butterflies

10. Amanda Gorman, Call Us What We Carry

Annual Raven bestseller lists:

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