More than 3 dozen dogs in new permanent or temporary homes, Lawrence Humane Society says

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Staff members and current dog residents of the Lawrence Humane Society are grateful for the community’s response to their call for help last week.

The humane society had 26 dogs adopted during a $20 dog adoption special from May 25-30, according to an update from Elina Alterman, director of development and communications. For comparison, last year during the same dates, they only had 17 dogs adopted, she said.


“Thanks to our community really showing up for us, we have some breathing space and are no longer having to divide dog kennels in half to accommodate all of the dogs coming in,” Alterman said.

On top of that, 15 dogs were matched with foster homes, nearly doubling the number of dogs in foster care, Alterman said. Eleven of those dogs went to brand new foster homes who had applied just because they saw the need for help.

“However, with summer just beginning and intake numbers always being higher in the summer months, we know that we’re not out of the woods completely,” Alterman said via email Wednesday. “So we encourage anyone who is interested to apply to foster!

She said staff members are still working through all the foster applications they’ve received and trying to make good matches.

“And for anyone that’s applied to foster, but not yet been found a good match, that doesn’t mean we won’t find one soon! Dogs are still entering the shelter daily, so having a ready pool of potential foster families is a huge help,” she said.

Nala, one of the dogs mentioned in our article last week, has been adopted into a wonderful family “with two small kids who love her very much already!” Sage is also in a foster home, and Charlee has an adoption meet scheduled, Alterman said.

To see animals available for adoption and to get more information about the process, visit this link. Find more information about fostering at this link.

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