Obituary: Thomas Erwin Harmon

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7/13/1947 – 12/11/2023
Lawrence, Kansas

Thomas Erwin Harmon, born July 13, 1947, in Lawrence, Kansas, died December 11, 2023, at the age of 76.

“Tommy” Harmon, son of Merton and Goldie Harmon, was married to Marianna Lynn Neis on February 23, 1996, in Las Vegas. He is survived by three brothers, William Harmon, Sr., married to Marybeth Harmon, Herbert Harmon, and Charles Harmon. He was Uncle to several nieces and nephews: Bill and Sha Harmon, Jr., Beth Pine, Gunnar and Rachel Harmon, Zachary Harmon (deceased), Josie and Lee Wagner, and Kirk Harmon. He is also survived by many grand nieces and nephews and is considered a bit of a legend.

Tommy enjoyed the outdoors. He was a huge gardener and provided food to family, friends, and the local food bank. He was also surrounded by cats and dogs, all of which were devoted to him. One favorite story about Tommy, is when he was a child, he would sit in a field so still that crows would settle all around him and eat food out of his hand. The crows and his family miss him already.

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