Photo: Deerfield Doughnuts brought to life at Infusions Bakery in Lawrence

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The doughnut creations of third-graders at Deerfield Elementary School have come to fruition.

Students in Laura Amlung’s class each designed their own doughnut and wrote a persuasive essay to convince bakeries why they should choose their doughnuts. The exercise on paper came to life when Amlung teamed up with Bradlea Padgett, owner of Infusions Bakery in Lawrence.


After a public vote via Facebook, the top dozen doughnuts were chosen and set for production. The variety packs are $20, and all proceeds will benefit Deerfield.

The Deerfield dozen (as spelled and punctuated by their creators) are the blue oasis donut, chocolate chocolate chocolate blue berry, Oreo blast!!!, chocolate blue berry, Munchere’s donut, pumpkin frosted donut, blueberry donut with chocolate sprinkles + vanilla and chocolate frosting, bacon apple pie donut, vanilla drizzle rainbow berry, the cinnamon pumpkin donut, donut drizzle, and chocolate strawberry.

The bakery previously said that preorders were strongly encouraged, but some packs would be available for sale. Doughnuts were ready to go Sunday at the bakery, 1500 E. 23rd St. in Lawrence. Check Infusions Bakery’s Facebook page for the latest updates.

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